Dangerous Corner

Author: John Boynton Priestly
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Time Period: Contemporary
Format: 3 Acts
Characters: 3 Male, 4 Female
Setting/Sets: 1 Set​
Reviewer: C. T. Cawley 
4 / 4 Stars

Background and Summary

First presented on May 17, 1932 at the Lyric Theater, London, this play is termed by Priestly as the most popular play he ever wrote. It was first produced on October 27, 1932 at the Empire Theater, New York.


The plot of this play turns on what a casual word can mean to the course of events and just how significant the truth can be in human life. It involves a family affair surrounding the apparent suicide of Martin Caplan, Robert Caplan”s brother. In the follow up discussion from a casual comment, a mosaic of memories from various family members brings into question whether Martin’s death was actually suicide. It turns out that it was actually an accidental murder. Eventually the whole truth comes out, including the identity of the murderer. The denouement of the play is a flashback in which events turn in a more innocent direction ofter the casual comment, and the group goes on without discovering the truth.


The set is the living room of the Chatfield country home.

MPAA Rating

If this play were rated according to MPAA guidelines, it would be PG.


There are no unusual factors that would restrict CRG from producing this play.